Biodegradable (GREEN) Products

Original Treestrap



Biodegradable (GREEN) Products

Original Treestrap Garden Tie

It is an honor to be providing the landscape industry with the latest development in our high-performance, biodegradable, natural cotton Original Treestrap and Tackstrap; for guying newly planted trees. This tree strap product opportunity is a perfect fit and additions to our "Made in the USA", environmentally friendly products and production practices.

Specifications and Installations


The webbing used in our production is manufactured domestically under ISO 9002:1994 standards, to meet Mil-W-530 Ty III, Class I. This spec requires use of virgin cotton fiber to meet strength and use requirements. The use of recycled cotton fiber would seriously reduce tear strength.

It is recommended that the tree straps be adjusted or removed after root growth has stabilized the tree. If the guying collars are to remain, for what ever reason, the natural cotton fiber will biodegrade and compost, ultimately leaving only the brass grommets or tack fastener to remain.

Our production is "state of the art", energy efficient, electronic equipment, using only clean compressed air. The sheer cutting of material is done with collection filtration and is properly vented. The screens are cleaned and cotton fibers are composted. There are no oils or hydraulics used in the process and no wastewater to treat. All scraps of cotton are composted and used in our gardens.

All shipping materials that are received into our production facility are inspected for reuse, if that is not possible, cartons are collapsed. Webbing cores are collapsed and sorted for plastics and cardboard. These materials are then transported to our local industrial recycling plant. By processing shipping cartons for reuse, we are minimizing waster, and reducing the need for new carton purchases for repackaging.

GCS will be shipping our biodegradable cotton straps in used or recycled cartons only.

Whenever and wherever possible, GCS will be effecting measures that reflect sound, environmentally responsible practices. It not only makes sense, it saves dollars.

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